MEPs express concern over human rights situation in Ukraine



Three members of the European Parliament have expressed concern over the situation with human rights in Ukraine as it takes over the presidency of the Ministerial Committee of the Council of Europe.

Mario David, Portuguese MEP (member of the group of people’s parties) told the UNIAN Agency in Brussels that he was joined by Polish MEP Marek Siwek (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats) and British MEP Charles Tannock (group of European Conservatives and Reformists).

“We value the consistent statements from President Yanukovych who declares that Ukraine should move closer to the EU and perhaps join it. We deeply regret that the behaviour of some people in the Ukrainian judiciary is very far from the values shared by the President and Europeans”, Mr David stated.

According to Charles Tannock, one has the impression that Ukraine’s judiciary has “begun a witch hunt “against political opponents.  He suggests that they are now prosecuting former President Kuchma to try to show that they’re not going for Yulia Tymoshenko for political motives.

Marek Siwek stressed the need for the Ukrainian government “to know the critical situation in the country and respect the values represented by the Council of Europe which it is heading from today”. 

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