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Tabachnyk: Cherchez the foreign foundations


According to the Minister of Education, Dmytro Tabachnyk, the protests about the adoption of the draft Law on Higher Education are being provoked by foreign foundations. “It’s provoked by those who pay – foreign foundations”, he told journalists.

The Minister asserted that the draft law had taken into account all key proposals from student organizations.  That, he said, including unchanged fees for the entire period of study; a State-guaranteed student grant at the level of the subsistence minimum; State-guaranteed opportunities for studying abroad; the implementation of European levels of education; the retention of State orders at the level of 51%, as well as free choice of academic disciplines within the framework of educational curricula.

He then went on again to abuse those who criticize the draft law, claiming that they are “earning their money and the money is paid for discrediting absolutely obvious things”.

He asserts that the Law on Higher Education presently proposed will provide considerably greater freedom to higher educational institutes.

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It is worth noting that Tabachnyk’s view of “absolutely obvious things” is not shared by many, and that highly reputable institutes such as the Kyiv Mohyla Academy have expressed concern over at least one version of the said draft law this year.

On the other hand, the tendency to blame everything on foreign governments, NGOs and foreign donors would appear to be contagious.  See, for example, Party of the Regions plans afoot to ban foreign sponsorship of NGOs

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