Four Tax Code protesters get 2 year suspended sentences


The Khmelnytski City-District Court has handed down two year suspended sentences to four protesters against the new Tax Code in November. They were convicted of “hooligan actions” under Article 296 § 3 of the Criminal Code.  The information was provided by the Khmelnytski Regional Branch of the Svoboda Party which one of the four, Andriy Lolikhovsksy is a member of.  The head of the Svoboda Branch and deputy of the Khmelnytski Regional Council, Ihor Sabiy says that they are preparing an appeal against the court ruling.

On 16-18 November last year around 10 thousand small business owners from Khmelnytski held a protest against the adoption of the new Tax Code. During the protest demonstrators broke down the front doors of the Regional State Administration building. 

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