Prosecutor General not forthcoming over Lutsenko Judge criminal investigation


According to National Deputy,   Hennady Moskal the Prosecutor General’s Office has not responded to a number of letters asking from information about the alleged criminal investigation initiated against the judge of the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv who is presently examining the case against Yury Lutsenko. 

As reported, former Minister of Internal Affairs and leader of the party People’s Self-Defence, Yury Lutsenko, has now twice asked for the judge in question, Serhiy Vovk to be withdrawn from his case.  During the hearing on 11 June Yury Lutsenko asserted that the Judge has a direct personal interest in finding him guilty.  He alleges that when he headed the MIA, a criminal investigation was initiated against Serhiy Vovk for forging a court ruling, stealing civil cases and fraudulent appropriation of 70 hectares of land. 

First Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime, , Hennady Moskal told the BBC Ukrainian Service then that back in 2009 there had been a report on the Kyiv Prosecutor’s website saying that a criminal investigation had been initiated against one of the judges of the Pechersky Court, but that later it had been removed. “The Committee received documents that this concerned specifically Judge Serhiy Vovk and sent an information request to the Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka. For him to either confirm or refute the information. However there has still been no answer”. Moskal says that it is still not known where the criminal file disappeared to. Serhiy Vovk has on a number of occasions denied any involvement in a criminal case.

Although the second application was also turned down, and the Prosecutor denied any substance to the claims, it was reported later in the day that the Prosecutor General was planning to check whether there had been such a criminal investigation.

According to Hennady Moskal, the Prosecutor General’s Office is remaining stubbornly silent on the subject.

Moskal has sent Deputy appeals to the Prosecutor General, the Head of the High Council of Justice and the Head of the High Qualifying and Disciplinary Commission of Judges of Ukraine. In his letter he asks that a check be carried out into the facts presented, that the name of the judge whose case has been concealed be revealed and that details be provided of the fate of the criminal investigation.

New information reported at Dzerkalo Tyzhnya


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