Law on Red Flag found unconstitutional


Ukraine’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the use of the Red Flag during official events, together with the Ukrainian flag is in breach of the Constitution. It made its judgement public on Friday.

The judgement states that the Constitution gives a comprehensive list of national symbols with the red flag not included.

The Constitutional Court was considering a submission lodged by National Deputy [MP] Yury Kostenko who asked for a decision regarding the constitutionality of certain provisions of a Law passed by the Verkhovna Rada on 21 April 2011 which allowed the official use of the Soviet Red Victory Flag.

Yury Kostenko made his submission asserting that the Law breaches many articles of the Constitution and also provokes separatist sentiments among the public. The highly controversial Law, allowing the Victory Flag to be raised beside Ukraine’s National Flag, was signed into law by President Yanukovych on 20 May.

Interfax Ukraine points out that the law was one of the causes of the conflict on 9 May this year in Lviv.

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