OstroV complains to Prosecutor over police snooping


The Internet publication OstroV and one of the founders of the site, the Donbass Social Prospects Research Centre on 1 July formally approached the Prosecutor, asking for a check to be carried out of the legality of the police’s actions in trying to gain unwarranted secret access to the OstroV’s servers.

In their application they explain that the provider on which their servers are located has confirmed that they received a letter from the Donetsk Regional Police on 9 June 2011.  It stated that the access was needed in connection with a criminal investigation. OstroV states that the check is in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code.

The publication’s journalists point out that nobody has been informed that a criminal investigation has been initiated against them. Nor are they aware of a court order permitting the police to gain access to the intellectual property on the servers.

On the basis of the results of the check, the journalists ask the Prosecutor to “consider whether to initiate a criminal investigation into the unlawful actions … and also take the appropriate measures to stop and prevent unlawful behaviour”.

Although their request for information was sent to the Donetsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 17 June, they have still heard nothing from them. 

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