Police: search of Glavnoye offices linked to land law offences investigation



According to the Head of the Kharkiv Regional CID, the searches carried out on Thursday into officers of the Kharkiv regional branch of the Batkivshchyna Party (led by Yulia Tymoshenko) and the former Governor of the region, Arseny Avakov, were part of an investigation “over violations of land legislation by officials of several commercial structures in Kharkiv”.

“During the investigation into a criminal case, officers of the Kharkiv Regional CID received information that commercial structures implicated in infringements of land legislation and located at 88 Sumska St where the stocks and shares company Investor and other structures have offices.  At this address with a court order from the Kyevsky District Court in Kyiv investigative activities are being carried out, searches, questioning of witnesses, removal of documents. The investigation into the case is continuing.”

On Thursday, Special Force Berkut officers burst into not only the offices where Investor and a branch of the Basis Bank are located, but also the editorial office of the newspaper and Internet publication Glavnoye.

Four Berkut officers blocked the entrance to the buildings. Staff in the offices were prohibited from using mobile telephones, computers as well as closing their windows.

From the editorial office the police removed a list of telephone numbers which the journalists used, and some material being prepared for publication.

At present, the Chief Editor of the newspaper, Yevhen Maslov says that there is a big question mark over whether the next issue of the paper, due out tomorrow, can be published

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