Journalists’ Union: Self-Regulation should stop attempts to control the Internet


Ihor Lubchenko, Head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine [NUJU], praises the initiative to create a Community of Professional Electronic Media and an independent self-regulating body. 

A press release states that “the independent self-regulating body began by drawing up Regulations of the Community which set out the professional standards, principles and requirements for the electronic media as well as algorithms for reviewing complaints about content”.

This, Mr Lubchenko is convinced, is a very serious platform for launching a new civic association.

“I think that the creation of the Community should put a stop to various efforts by public officials to regulate the Internet.”

Ihor Lubchenko added that self-regulation of the Internet is a clear demonstration of features typical of a democratic society. “Together with resolving the problems around creating public broadcasting, reforming State-owned and municipal media outlet, this will create a truly independent and responsible Ukrainian journalism.”

As reported, it was announced at a press conference on 19 July that a number of civic organizations and Internet publications have signed a Memorandum on the creation of this self-regulating body and defining the principles for the functioning of Internet media. 

Signatories include the Internet Association of Ukraine; the Ukrainian Association of Periodic Press Publishers; the Independent Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters; the Ukrainian Press Academy; the Institute for Mass Information; the East European Institute for Media Issues; Ukrainska Pravda; Telekritika; SoftPres; and InternetUA. They hope that other Internet media will join them.

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