Public Appeal regarding Health Ministry Procurement


The partnership “For Honest Public Procurement in Ukraine” has published an open appeal stressing the need for an unbiased assessment of the situation with Ministry of Heath tenders. The letter is addressed to the President and copied to the Prime Minister and Minister of Health. 

The letter reports that at a briefing on the situation with tender procurement in the Ministry of Health on 19 July, the First Deputy Minister, Raisa Moiseyenko stated that it was impossible to hold timely tenders for procurement supposedly because of the amendments passed to Ukraine’s tender legislation. As a result thousands of patients throughout Ukraine remain without the proper medical provisions. This involves in the first instance those with cancer or tuberculosis.

“We would however inform you, Mr President, that from July 2010 to July 2011 there were no legislative changes which could worsen or complicate the procedure for public procurement in the medical sphere. Furthermore, the negative practice with procurement of medication no earlier than the third quarter of the year has remained constant for several years in a row.  This is confirmed several-year reports from the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine. The situation is danger where the treasury, as part of Budgetary Programmes, opens up the account, yet ministries don’t use the funding.

As a result, at the beginning of the third quarter up to 60% of public funding has remained unallocated. This means that medication does not reach medical establishments in time and there are breaks in treatment,   with consequent complications and new illnesses.

The situation, they say, needs investigation and public response.

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