Tymoshenko trial: tweets included, not witness’ document


Yury Prodan, Deputy Minister of Energy in Tymoshenko’s government gave testimony at the trial of the former Prime Minister underway on Wednesday. He stated that he had found a photocopy of a hand-written instruction from Ms Tymoshenko telling him to inform Naftohaz about the content of her directives. 

Asked by the Judge who had passed the directive to Dubyna (the former head of Naftohaz), Prodan said he thought that he had, although after two and a half years he didn’t remember everything.  The Judge asked why earlier, during his interrogation, Mr Prodan said that he did not remember.  Mr Prodan replied that he hadn’t remembered, but he had found the above-mentioned paper which indicated that it was him. 

Yulia Tymoshenko then confirmed that the handwriting was hers and asked that the document be added to the file material.

Judge Kireyev refused, stating that the origin of the document  (a photocopy) was not known.  As reported, on Monday the Judge allowed the application from Prosecutor Lidia Frolova and added comments on Ms Tymoshenko’s Twitter page made during the trial and containing critical comments about those involved in it to the file material.

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