Arson attack on Donetsk editor


On 31 July around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the flat of Oleksy Matsuka, Chief Editor of the Internet newspaper Novyny Donbasu [Donbas News] and Head of the civic organization Donetsk Institute of Information was set alight.

Oleksy Matsuka told Telekritika that the arsonists propped heavy bags up against the door to his flat so that nobody  inside could get out. They left a funeral wreath near the door with a message reading: “To Oleksy Vitaliyovych from grieving friends (the original has “friends and female friends”. Thankfully Oleksy Matsuka was not home at the time.

“I went to the police, made a report about the threat to my life and asked for protection. Three hours have passed and there’s been no reaction. I also wanted to make a report today to the regional Prosecutor but they told me to come tomorrow, and first to the district Prosecutor’s Office”

Oleksy connects this attack with his journalist activities but does not suspect anyone in particular. He plans to report the attack to the Prosecutor on Monday. 

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