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Kharkiv court also bans peaceful protest against detention of Yulia Tymoshenko



On 9 August the Kharkiv District Administrative Court issued a ban on protests on Freedom Square in the city. It ruled “to restrict the right” of the Kharkiv regional branches of the Batkivshchyna Party; the People’s Self-Defence Party and two other organizations “from holding peaceful gatherings on Freedom Square from 9 August to 28 August which are not linked with the events approved by Instruction №3411 of the Kharkiv Mayor from 5 August 2011.   That day, incidentally, saw the arrest and remanding in custody of former Prime Minister, presidential candidate and leader of the Batkivshchyna Party, Yulia Tymoshenko.

The court took into consideration that on Freedom Square and the central street in the city [Sumska St) mass festive events were planned and ruled that Kharkiv residents wanting to take part in them should be able to walk freely around the central part of the city.

The Internet publication Glavnoye notes that first, no “festive”, let alone “mass” events were envisaged for 9 August in Kharkiv. At least the official website of the Kharkiv City Council made no mention of any. Secondly, the Council decided to apply to the court having seen an application from the Kharkiv branch of Batkivshchyna [Yulia Tymoshenko’s party] to hold a protest on Freedom Square. In fact, the person whose name was on the document, Valery Dudko denies having made any application. He is convinced that the city authorities are using any methods trying to prevent protests calling for an end to political repression. He adds that this is not for the first time.

Valery Dudko says that the notification of a planned protest will be submitted on Wednesday on official paper and with the signature of the person authorized to sign such documents.

The protest was planned for 18.00 on Freedom Square.  

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