Yury Lutsenko: it’s Ukrainians you need to listen to



The former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko is advising the united opposition to spend less time thinking about what they say in Washington, Brussels or Moscow, and instead go out, listen to what people are saying in parts of Ukraine.

He told journalists that he wouldn’t recommend concentrating on analyzing the reaction of foreign governments to the events in Ukraine. It’s not even because the West has other problems besides Ukraine, including for example a possible new wave of the financial crisis.

“The point is that the West will never support democracy in a country where the people themselves don’t think they need democracy and won’t fight for it. Therefore all questions of our politicians shouldn’t be about what they said today in Washington, Brussels or Moscow, but what they said today in Zhmerynka, Zdolbunova or Piatykhatky”.

He suggested that the opposition not spend their time on processes around uniting in officies, but go out to the regions. “After the first meetings of the united opposition committee, I would advise you to sign up and go out to the regions, talk to people”.  He added that politicians had not done this for a year and a half. 

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