Pensioners detained for trying to tell Yanukovych what they think of him



A group of women pensioners were detained. They had been planning to hold a demonstration on the route taken by President Yanukovych from Donetsk airport to Makiyivka where the funeral was taking place on Thursday of the Crimean Prime Minister Vasyl Dzharty.

The Internet publication OstroV was informed of this by the Donetsk Police Department’s Press Service.

“They were detained and are in the Kievsky District Police Station. They had posters removed with content insulting to the President. At present a protocol is being drawn up under Article 185 § 4 of the Administrative Code “Holding unauthorized gatherings”.

The police were unable to give the exact number of women detained, however from OstroV’s information, a group of pensioners decided to use the funeral of Mr Dzharty to hold a protest. They intended to meet the President’s cortege with the women in black scarves waving in the direction of the Makiyivka Cemetery with banners saying “That’s where you should be too”. 

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