Berkut riot police detain people during removal of Tymoshenko supporters’ tents


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On Monday Berkut riot police removed all the tents which supporters of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko had put up across the road from the court where her trial is taking place. According to BYUT MPs, 11 people were detained during the scuffles that ensued.

Ukrainska Pravda was told by somebody who saw the operation that eight tents were removed, all of them clearly marked as being tents where National Deputies meet members of the public. 

At around 16.00 10 Berkut vans arrived. The officers circled the tents before removing them.

“Those in the tents tried to argue, there were scuffles and several people were taken away in police vans”, the witness said.

The tents immediately outside the court were not removed. These hold both supporters and opponents of the former Prime Minister.

Later in the evening, the Internet publication cited National Deputies from Tymoshenko’s faction BYUT as  saying that 11 people were detained during confrontation between people defending their right to the tents and the Berkut officers. The Deputies reported that the people had been taken to the Shevchenkivsky Police Station.

As reported here, many diplomats and other representatives of western countries have been attending hearings in the trial of Ms Tymoshenko. 

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