Lutsenko’s health in hands of procrastinating officials


On Tuesday, Iryna Lutsenko, wife of former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko asked the presiding judge in the trial of her husband, Serhiy Vovk to give permission for Yury Lutsenko to receive professional medical care outside the SIZO or detention unit.

As reported here, Health Ministry doctors have already twice recommended hospital care.

However the website of the political party People’s Self-Defence  which Lutsenko is leader of reports that Judge Vovk said that he would only give permission on receipt of the relevant letter from the SIZO with a list of  the proper management.

Iryna Lutsenko and National Deputy Yury Hrymchak immediately approached the head of the Lukyanivsk SIZO. 

Without providing such a letter, the Head of the SIZO claimed to have sent a letter to the Health Ministry asking for a list of medical institutions.

This is despite the medical assessments issued both in May and in September.

Iryna Lutsenko: Each day of procrastination puts not only my husband’s health  but his life also in danger”

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