Yet another court ban on peaceful assembly


The Kyiv Police informed on Thursday that the District Administrative Court in Kyiv had banned peaceful gatherings in the centre of Kyiv on 22 and 23 September.

The court explained its decision by saying that the notification of planned measures on those days suggested a number of participants in excess of 50 thousand, and this could lead to conflict situations and infringement of public order.

“On 22 and 23 September 2011 there are a number of events with the participation of State officials, the holding of such measures in the central part of Kyiv, the court considers, could pose obstacles to the functioning of the authorities”. 

On Thursday a demonstration calling for a total ban on cigarette advertising was planned, and on Friday a demonstration entitled: Khreshchatyk destroyed. We remember.

Early Thursday afternoon the press reported that Berkut riot police had detained two particularly active protesters from the NGO Pryama Diya [Direct Action].  They were part of a quite different, and considerably more modest, protest gathering around 100, not 50 thousand, people against education policy.  Ukrainska Pravda reports that there were as many riot police as protesters, with the ban apparently justified on the grounds of large numbers being applied against any peaceful gathering. 

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