Another witness testifies in Lutsenko’s favour


Oleksy Prylypko, questioned as a witness in the trial of former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko has stated in court that he did not receive instructions from Mr Lutsenko to employ driver Leonid Prystuplyuk. He said that he had not met Prystuplyuk personally, but that all the driver’s documents had been correct.

Prylypko is the former Head of the Department of Investigative Intelligence of the MIA where Prystuplyuk was employed. “I did not receive any command to employ Prystuplyuk”, he said.

He said that people in that department were employed on the recommendation of other members of staff.  People didn’t come in off the street. If they passed the testing procedure, they were employed. He stressed that he had not taken Prystuplyuk’s age (49) into consideration. “I’m sorry, but I signed consent without a calculator”.

Prylypko said that during the criminal investigation he had been summoned for questioning three times and each time asked the same questions.

The charges against the former Minister of Internal Affairs have aroused concern both in Ukraine and abroad, as has the fact that Lutsenko has been held in custody over them since December last year. One pertains to the employment of Prystuplyuk within the MIA and his receiving a flat as an MIA employee.

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