Court refuses to order Lutsenko’s hospitalization



The trial of former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko resumed at the Pechersky District Court  on Tuesday 2 7 September.  The court first rejected another application for Mr Lutsenko to be released from custody.  The former Minister has been held in a SIZO [detention centre] since December 2010 despite serious doubts having been expressed over this restraint measure (as well as the charges) by Ukrainian and foreign human rights organizations, foreign diplomats and representatives of other countries and European bodies.  

Later the presiding Judge Serhiy Vovk also rejected the application to have Yury Lutsenko placed in hospital.  He stated that responsibility for putting a patient in hospital or his guarding lay with the head of the SIZO.  He said that the decision regarding hospitalization was the direct duty of pre-trial detention centres and therefore he saw no grounds to allow the application.

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