Fences erected between parliamentarians and the public


Iron fences have now been put in surrounding the Verkhovna Rada from all sides, as the website GLAVRED puts it, “securely protecting National Deputies from the people”.

The first moves to keep people away came on the day that Afghanistan War Veterans tried to storm the Verkhovna Rada, protesting over cuts in social benefits.  The two-metre area used for protests between the fence separating the Verkhovna Rada from flowerbeds in Vatutin Park and the parliamentary railing was padlocked off. 

Radio Svoboda reports that Deputies are claiming that they don’t know who put up a 2-metre-high fence with spiked tops from the Mariynsky Palace and why. The Verkhovna Rada speaker, Volodymyr Lytvyn said that he would find out, however the opposition say that he is pretending.

The Kyiv Police Press Service told Radio Svoboda that their officers are not involved in putting up the fences.

Yelina Shyshkina, MP from BYUT says that with each new fence Ukraine is still further distancing itself from Europe.  She believes that the fences symbolize separating oneself from the interests of ones own voters. She says that there are no such fears about the US Congress and German Bundestag. She asserts that the Verkhovna Rada Speaker cannot possibly not know who put up the fencing and on whose orders.

From information at GLAVRED and the Radio Svoboda Ukrainian Service

More photos of Ukraine’s illustrious MPs can be found at the GLAVRED site

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