Statement on Ukraine’s European Integration



A number of NGOs have signed a letter calling on the President to be coherent in the official Kyiv argumentations concerning Ukraine’s European integration course

The Association Agreement should be initialed

Open statement of Ukrainian experts’ community 

to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych  

Ukrainian experts’ community is demanding from the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to be coherent in the official Kyiv argumentations concerning Ukraine’s European integration course. 

Various NGOs and think tanks representatives, as well as public activists consider the option to postpone the conclusion of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU to be unacceptable, referring to recent statement of the President of Ukraine to Bloomberg news agency. 

Lack of formally declared EU membership perspective in the Association Agreement cannot be considered as a possible reason to hamper its initialing and further signing, as the Agreement itself contains clearly defined  European perspective for Ukraine.

Civic experts’ community emphasizes that the European Union does not put any pressure on Ukraine,  as Ukraine being an independent country, voluntarily and without external compulsion, has chosen the path of the EU political association and economic integration, despite the claims of some MPs from the Party of Regions.  This format of cooperation implies that the European values are provided, including the ones of democracy - fair political competition, an independent judiciary and the rule of law.

However, both Ukrainian citizens and international community observe how inconsistent actions and claims of those who are in power in Ukraine are moving away the Association Agreement initialing, scheduled for December 2011, thus depriving the Ukrainian society of its European perspective.  

Such developments bring a number of threats for Ukraine. Firstly, the absence of legally enshrined commitments to implement pro-European reforms in Ukraine will hold down the very probability of such reforms’ implementation in the future.
Secondly, the prospect of visa-free regime for Ukrainians will be postponed sine die. Thirdly, the EU foreign assistance is likely to be reduced and the way it is delivered might be changed. That will adversely affect the possibility for Ukraine to conduct fundamental institutional and structural reforms, which actually enable further modernization of the country by the European model.

Therefore, Ukrainian experts’ community primarily appeals to the President of Ukraine –  the Guarantee of the Constitution of Ukraine – and other officials to complete negotiations with the European Union initialling and signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. 

Two following conditions are necessarily to be provided:
•    fair and transparent parliamentary and presidential elections; 
•    rule of law and functioning of the independent judicial system of Ukraine.

Moreover, civic experts still find their joint appeal to the EU institutions of September 12th this year –which is to continue dialogue with Ukraine, because a gradual and steady process of EU-Ukraine convergence is an effective modernization instrument in the interests of millions of Ukrainians - to be a valid one and of high importance.

Open Statement was already signed by:

1)    Oleksandr Palyj, an independent expert
2)    Pavliuk Sviatoslav, PAUCI
3)    Oleksandr Chernenko, Committee of voters of Ukraine
4)    Iryna Bekeshkina, Democratic Initiatives Foundation 
5)    Oleh Rybachuk, Civic Expert Council
6)    Anna Golubovska-Anisimova, NGO “MAMA-86”
7)    Oleksandr Sushko, Institute for Euro-Atlantic cooperation
8)    Yulia Tyschenko, Ukrainian independent Center of Political research  
9)    Yuriy Tretiak, Association of Agencies for regional development
10)    Mykhailo Gonchar, Centre “Nomos”
11)    Galyna Usatenko, Europe XXI Foundation
12)    Ihor Kohut, Laboratory for legislative initiatives
13)    Ihor Koliushko, Centre for Political and Legal Reforms
14)    Ihor Burakovskyj, The institute for economic research and policy consulting
15)    Viktor Zamiatin, an independent analyst
16)    Natalia Andrusevych, Resource and analysis center “Society and environment”
17)    Svitlana zalichuk, Centre UA
18)    Viktoria Sjymar, The institute of mass information
19)    Oleksij Tolkachov, European association of Ukrainians
20)    Viktor Taran, Center of political studies and analyses
21)    Oleksandra Matvijchuk, The center for civil liberties
22)    Kostjantyn Kvurt, Internews-Ukraine
23)    Sergij Sydorenko, an independent expert
24)    Iryna Stashenko, NGO “Hrystynivchanu”
25)    Oleh Olijnyk, Ukrainian bar association
26)    Taras Petriv, Souspilnist foundation
27)    Ihor Studennikov, The centre for regional studies
28)    Kyrylo Gyvotovskyj, European choise
29)    Ihor Todorov, an independent expert
30)    Jyrij Lukanov, an independent journalist
31)    Iryna Solonenko, European programme International Renaissance foundation
32)    Dmytro Shulga, European programme International Renaissance foundation
33)    Valerij Karbashevskyj, European partnership
34)    Klympush-Tsyntsadze Ivanna, an independent expert
35)     Volodymyr Gorbach, Institute for Euro-Atlantic cooperation

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