Wall of Officialdom’s Lies


A “Wall of Lies” has been erected in the centre of Kyiv in the place of a scandal-filled construction site. It will now sport the portraits of officials who are believed to be responsible for unlawful construction work in the city and/or who have not kept their word. .

The “Wall of Lies” is a fence around the controversial construction near the Teatralna metro station. This is no chance choice. The city authorities had promised to pull down the illegally constructed office and shopping centre, yet nothing has been done to get rid of it.

The “Wall of Lies” has been created by activists from the Investigative Bureau Svidomo and “Kyiv Residents united”, as well as many other concerned residents of the capital.

The first wall is adorned by a portrait of the Head of the Kyiv Administration Oleksandr Popov, as well as the Chief Architect of Kyiv. It is thanks to them, activists say, that the city is losing its face by the day.

After they pasted up the portraits, they hung up noodles (“stringing up noodles” in Ukrainian and Russian is used about people telling cobblers / talking rubbish – translator]. The sign underneath reads: “Write how they deceived you”.

Nor were people slow in coming forward. Such walls have now appeared at other “hot spots”.

The activists plan to keep updating the walls and propose meeting once a month. 

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