Belarus: Lukashenko signs draconian law banning even flash mobs


Charter 97 has learned that Presidential Lukashenko back on 8 November signed the scandalous law making amendments to the Law on Mass Events.  The amendments, Charter 97 says, go by the name “No more than 3 people together”.

According to these amendments, unauthorized gatherings organized via social networks are regarded as pickets. Organizers are also prohibited from announcing any gathering before it has received government authorization.

There are also restrictions on who is allowed to organize gatherings. People who previously organized outlawed demonstrations or have been warned against doing so in the last 12 months by the authorities are banned from organizing new demonstrations.
The law also extends the list of places where demonstrations are not allowed, including within 100 metres of an educational establishment, within 300 metres of a nuclear plant and 200 metres from TV or radio centres or stations.

The police are allowed to set up barriers around demonstrations, take photos and videos and use a pass system. 

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