Draft Law on dissolving Morality Commission in limbo for a year



The Justice Ministry has responded to an appeal from NGOs asking that all that was needed be done to expedite submission of a draft law on dissolving the National Expert Commission on the Protection of Public Morality.

It states that the Presidential Decree from 9 December which envisaged the Morality Commission’s dissolution laid responsibility for drawing up the relevant draft law with the Justice Ministry. This bill, it says, was prepared and submitted for the consideration of the Cabinet of Ministers  on 10 January 2011. It proposed removing the provisions about the status and principles of work of the National Morality Commission from the Morality Act.

This draft law has been awaiting consideration for almost a year.  It has not been submitted for discussion at Cabinet of Ministers  meetings despite the fact that according to Cabinet of Ministers Regulations, a draft law accepted for consideration should be analyzed and put forward for discussion within a month of its submission, .

In August as part of a civic campaign against imposition of censorship in the media more than 30 civic organizations called on the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers to do all that was needed to implement Presidential Decree No. 1085/2010 “On optimizing the system of central bodies of executive power”. The latter instructed the Cabinet of Ministers  to deal with dissolution of the Morality Commission, by sending the Verkhovna Rada a draft law drawn up by the Justice Ministry on abolishing the National Expert Commission on the Protection of Public Morality. 

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