Ivashchenko Trial: Witness retracts testimony


The prosecution of former Acting Minister of Defence in Yulia Tymoshenko’s government, , Valery Ivashchenko has not gained the same publicity as those of Tymoshenko and Yury Lutsenko, but remains of concern, especially since Mr Ivashchenko has been held in custody now since August 2010.

He is charged with having, in November 2009 while Acting Minister of Defence abused his position by signing a plan to sell the Feodosia Marine Engineering Works which was property of the Ministry of Defence. 

UNIAN reports that during questioning at a court hearing on Friday, Serhiy Novoselov, Acting Director of the Defence Ministry’s Economic Activities Department, stated that a signature on the title pace of a plan does not constitute permission to sell the property. There needed to be other permits as well.  He says that the reorganization plan for the enterprise was regarded as one possible means of restoring it.  Restoration was intended, not destruction.

Novoselov explained that specialists had studied the reorganization plan and had made a report for Ivashchenko, proposing that some amendments be made and the plan worked on.  He said that he did not know which specific version of the plan had been approached by Valery Ivashchenko, but added that the latter had agreed with the conclusions of specialists from both the economics and legal department.

According to Mr Ivashchenko’s lawyers’ Novoselov on Friday retracted testimony given to the investigators, where he apparently said that agreement of the draft reorganization plan was equivalent to permission for sale of the factory, and that Ivashchenko had given instructions to change texts of answers addressed to the Prosecutor General and President’s Secretariat regarding sale of the factory, supposedly thus deceiving State bodies.

Please see the Second Preliminary Report by the Danish Helsinki Committee on Human Rights, where 

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