Police move in on highly critical website


The website Left Shore, reports that Dream Line Holding, whose server the website uses, has informed that the Central Department on Cybercrime and Human Trafficking of the Kyiv Police is asking it to provide “full details about the legal entity or individual” in whose name the website is registered.

The Police state that their demand is due to a Mr V.M. Klimov having approached the police regarding the posting “on the resource of the world wide web test (?) messages containing obscene statements”.

The editorial office are convinced that Mr Klimov’s indignation is merely a pretext, and a fairly dubious one from the legal point of view.  Hiding behind an appeal from a person whom nobody is in fact forcing to read the commentaries continuing obscene remarks left by visitors to the site, the MIA officers are carrying out a political commission. Its point is to force one of Ukraine’s leading Internet publications to go silent. We have on many occasions seen such cases in countries where freedom of speech is restricted.

The editorial office states that it believes the police actions to be directly linked with publications on the site regarding abuses by those in power. demands an explanation from the MIA of the grounds on which the police are putting pressure on independent media outlets. It expresses the hope that the Prosecutor’s Office will provide a legal assessment, as well as the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech. 

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