Cable providers suggest restricting access to programmes to protect children


The NGO Telecommunications Chamber of Ukraine is suggesting amendments to the Television and Radio Broadcasting Act to oblige providers to restrict access to programmes which could harm children. The proposal was made during a roundtable on 5 December on Protection of Morality in Ukraine in the Interests of Children and the Public as a whole. The Director of the Association, Iryna Kozlova said that this was not merely erotica, but also specialized horror channels. “Providers cannot influence the content of channels which they give access to, but can ensure protection of children from channels which state that they are specialized. The provider can close a channel for adults via a code, but cannot close a nationwide channel which shows murder scenes in criminal news.”

The roundtable found that the overall situation with protection of morality was unsatisfactory, but was unable to agree a joint resolution. The Public Council attached to the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Committee which had organized the event proposed a draft resolution which not only stated that the situation regarding protection of morality is unsatisfactory, but also advised against passing the new version of the Public Morality Act and recommended that parliament revoke the current version of the same Act. 

The Head of the National Expert Committee for the Protection of Public Morality, Vasyl Kostytsky asserted that the Public Committee had exceeded its authority. Mr Kostytsky was unimpressed. He told Telekritika that it was unethical when the Public Council attached to one State body draws conclusions about the legitimacy of another.

There would seem to have been little agreement with members of religious organizations stating that the Morality Commission had done a lot of good, and various media organizations reiterating criticism of the new draft Morality Act. 

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