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Regions Party Deputy accused of distorting recommendations on Register of Court Rulings


Markus Zimmer, founding President of the International Association for Court Administration, has expressed concern that National Deputy from the Party of the Regions, Iryna Berezhna distorted the substance of his recommendations on amendments to legislation on a Single Register of Court Rulings.

He said that Ms Berezhna had not taken all his recommendations into account when making amendments to the legislation regulating the work of the Single Register of Court Rulings. Mr Zimmer said that in his recommendations he had indeed written that not all rulings without exception need to go into the Register, but he had made several other recommendations which needed to be applied together.

“At present users cannot seek cases according to the parties involved. This creates additional complications when you have a database containing millions of different cases”.  Mr Zimmer considers that names need only be concealed in specific cases.

“It is not practical to put all rulings of all courts into one register. In other countries they don’t do it like that.” On the other hand, Mr Zimmer stresses, he also recommended creating local smaller registers, separately for each court so that each court published, perhaps on their own website all rulings passed by that court. He says that in the USA every federal court has its own website where all rulings are posted.

Iryna Berezhna had written on her Facebook page that she had used Markus Zimmer’s recommendations in drawing up the strongly criticized amendments to Law №3932-VI on Amendments to Some Legislative Acts on Examination of Cases by the Supreme Court.  This law passed by the ruling majority in parliament on 21 October and, despite calls from civic organizations, signed by the President, allows the Council of Judges, after agreement with the State Judicial Administration, to determine which court rulings of general jurisdiction courts are added to the Register.

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