Prosecutor forgets to await court proceedings in judging Tymoshenko


It is difficult not to wince at the frequent reports in the Ukrainian media which leave our words like “alleged” altogether.  The person arrested on suspicion of committing a crime is more often then not called the criminal in the headline and throughout the text. 

It is difficult to feel surprise, however, when most such reports have in fact been cut and pasted from those on police website, or that of the Prosecutor General’s Office. 

The report about criminal investigations against Yulia Tymoshenko came a day after Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin informed that 10 criminal investigations have been initiated against the former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition Batkivshchyna Party.  His words on the subject, while not directly convicting her pre-trial were nonetheless aimed at convincing the public that evidence for her guilt was overwhelming.  ‘

As reported, the initiating of these cases has been viewed for serious scepticism by the West.

The report on 7 December on the Prosecutor General’s website states that Security Service investigators are working on a criminal investigation against Yulia Tymoshenko. The case involves an alleged attempt to embezzle 405, 500, 000 USD of public funding during the period 1996-2000,  

The State Tax Service, it informs, is investigating a criminal case on charges against the same Yulia Tymoshenko of organizing concealment of foreign currency profit of over 155 million USD; illegal compensation with public funding and tax evasion amounting to over 47 million UAH through financial machinations.  These involved the corporation United Energy Systems of Ukraine.

“Taking into consideration that the crimes were committed by one person, on 8 December 2011 the Prosecutor General’s Office placed all the above-mentioned crimes under the jurisdiction of the Security Service investigators.”

The cases have apparently been merged into one and a joint group created. 

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