Ivashchenko moved to the SIZO medical unit


Ukrainske Photo

Former Acting Minister of Defence in Yulia Tymoshenko’s government, , Valery Ivashchenko, has been placed in the medical unit of the SIZO or detention centre where he has been held since August 2010.  This was reported by Mr Ivashchenko’s lawyer, Boris Nechyporenko who explained it as due to the deterioration in his client’s health.

Valery Ivashchenko has been in detention for over a year. He is charged with having, in November 2009 while Acting Minister of Defence abused his position by signing a plan to sell the Feodosia Marine Engineering Works which was property of the Ministry of Defence.  Please see the Second Preliminary Report by the Danish Helsinki Committee on Human Rights, where Valery Ivashchenko’s case is one of those examined. 

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