Moscow: Huge demonstration calls for new elections and more


The website reports that between 70 and 120 thousand people rallied in Moscow on Sakharov Prospect demanding new elections and that Putin go. Many of the demonstrators carried white ribbons, posters and balloons with the words “We’ve been cheated”.

Resolution from the rally

  1. Immediate release of political prisoners as well as those obviously wrongfully convicted;
  2. Results of the rigged elections must be declared void;
  3. Dismissal of Churov [Head of the Central Election Commission] and investigation of his activities, of all cases of rigging at polling stations, punishment of those responsible.
  4. Change in electoral legislation, opposition parties must be able to register;
  5. Open and fair elections;
  6. Creation of a Moscow association of voters in order to coordinate the work of observers and scrutiny of the elections;
  7. Not one vote for Putin at the 4 March 2012 elections!

Some of the banners from today’s demonstration (thank you Yury Timofeyev!

Sacrificing freedom for security, you don’t get either

17 votes on one ballot paper

Yo ho ho and Vladimr Churov [Head of the CEC]


A bear is saying that a better present (even!) than honey is a proper vote count



People           You are Democracy!

                       You are Change!

                       You are the Future!

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