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President’s Administration calls Yanukovych billboards social advertising


According to Denis Ivanesko from the President’s Administration, the Presidential greetings positioned around the country are there on the basis of the Law on Advertising as social advertising. Mr Ivanesco was responding to an information request from journalist Mustafa Nayem.

He said that the Administration usually makes the relevant proposals to the heads of local authorities who in their turn suggest to owners of external advertising sites that they consider posting the relevant information on temporary free sites.

“Public funding is not involved since according to the law, social advertising is put up without charge.”

The Administration did not have information about the number of external advertising sites with Yanukovych’s New Year and Christmas greetings “due to the lack of need for this information”.

The MIA has reported 9 incidents where the billboards in questioned have been daubed with paint. 5 such cases were in Kyiv, and in four cases (one in Kyiv, the Volyn, Lviv and Rivne regions) criminal investigations have been initiated.  On Sunday, another incident was reported in the Luhansk region (see the photo from

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