Ukrainian writer questioned over pornography allegations


On 23 January the writer Yury Vynnychuk had a visitation from police officers who took an explanation from him in response to allegations of pornography put forward in a deputy submission by MP Leonid Grach from the Communist Party.

Yury Vynnychuk says that it was police officers who turned up even though Grach wrote to the Prosecutor General. They arrived to give him a summons for Tuesday, however he simply gave them the written explanation there and then.

“I wrote on all the points which Grach accused me over. I explained that I see no pornography in my works and don’t understand why the police have to deal with such matters and engage in censorship.”

He says that he now just needs to wait, but believes it will all be so much hot air like in the case of writer Maria Matios who was also accused of pornography.

MP Leonid Grach, on the initiative of the head of the Institute for Political, Sociological and Marketing Research Volodymyr Bondarenko, asked the Prosecutor General to take measures of response over the work of Yury Vynnychuk.

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