PACE confirms the credentials of the Ukrainian delegation, but notes ‘misleading information’


Strasbourg, 26.01.2011 – The credentials of the Ukrainian delegation to the Assembly, which were challenged on the opening day of the session on the grounds that the delegation submitted did not reflect the balance of political parties in the parliament, were confirmed today.

However, the report of the Rules Committee into the question – made public today by the President of the Assembly – noted that the list of members transmitted to the Assembly contains “misleading information” as regards the political affiliation of three members. Valeriy Pysarenko, Oleksandr Feldman and Volodymyr Pylypenko are listed as members of the Yuliya Tymoshenko Bloc, but actually sit in the parliament under other political labels, the committee pointed out.

The committee said the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament should be invited to “clarify the issue of the political affiliation of these three parliamentarians, and to send to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly updated information”.

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