Hadyak journalist Irma Krat goes into hiding following threats


The Chief Editor of the information and advertising weekly «Свобода слова» [Freedom of Speech], Irma Krat from Hadyach in the Poltava region says that she has been threatened with having drugs planted and a criminal investigation launched. She writes in her blog on that she and her daughter have been forced into hiding.

Ms Krat links the rumours about illegal actions against her with her active civic and journalist activities and her intention to stand for parliament. A BYUT politician Natalya Kasyanenko who warned Irma Krat that she was in danger told Telekritika that she believes the journalist could be in danger.

The deputy head of the Haidyak District State Administration Hryhory Mysyura refused to comment though is quoted as saying that he does not “regard this journalist’s material as objective” and that at his level nobody has threatened her.

Bare facts from longer reports by Ms Krat and Telekritika

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