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On 17 February, 23-year-old Rustam Aushev was forcibly disappeared at a railway station in the North Caucasus, en route from Russia to Belarus.  Public attention may help!



On 17 February, a man was forcibly disappeared at a railway station in the North Caucasus, en route from Russia to Belarus. His family has reportedly seen CCTV footage of him being taken away and believes he has been abducted by members of security forces . His life may be in danger.

On 17 February,  Rustam Aushev, a 23 year-old resident of Ingushetia, Russian Federation, was travelling by train through the town of Mineralnye Vody when his family found they could no longer reach him on his mobile phone. On 18 February, his relatives travelled to Mineralnye Vody and spoke to members of staff at the local railway station. Rustam Aushev was reportedly seen there on the previous day, being detained by plain-clothed men and driven away in their white “Gazel” minivan, which was also captured on CCTV footage that the relatives were shown. The station’s security personnel had reportedly earlier seen the minivan parked illegally close to the station and demanded that it was moved. A man in the vehicle reportedly showed them a security service (FSB) official’s ID, but the minivan was moved nonetheless.

On 19 February, the family filed complaints with the transport police and the local police, and with the FSB in Mineralnye Vody, demanding investigation into Rustam Aushev’s disappearance. However, they still do not know his fate after the reported abduction and who is holding him. His family state that Rustam Aushev has never been involved in any unlawful activities.

Please write immediately in Russian or your own language:

Call on the authorities to investigate urgently Rustam Aushev’s alleged enforced disappearance, establish his whereabouts and ensure that his rights are fully respected;

Stress that if he is held by one of the law enforcement agencies he must either be charged with a recognizable offence and granted access to a lawyer, or immediately released.


Prosecutor of Stavropol Region

Yury N. Turygin

pr-t Oktryabrskoi Revolyutsii 9/1

Stavropol 355035

Russian Federation

Fax: +7 8652 26 0871 (if the fax number is answered by a live operator please say clearly "FAX")

Salutation: Dear Prosecutor

Prosecutor General

Yurii Ya. Chaika

ul. B.Dimitrovka, d. 15a

Moscow, GSP-3, 107048

Russian Federation

Fax: +7 495 692 1725 (if the fax number is answered by a live operator please say clearly "FAX")

Email: [email protected]

Salutation: Dear Prosecutor Genera l

And copies to:

Plenipotentiary Envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District (SKFO)

Aleksandr G. Khloponin

Ul. Internatsionalnaya, dom 2

Yessentuki 357600

Russian Federation

Fax: +7 8793 44 1152

(if the fax number is answered by a live operator please say clearly "FAX")

Salutation: Dear Mr Khloponin

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.

Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date.




The Republic of Ingushetia and the wider North Caucasus are affected by armed violence perpetrated by armed groups, as well as security operations conducted by law enforcement agencies, whose members operate without transparency and public accountability. There are resistant allegations that security officials use unlawful methods to combat armed violence and are responsible for systematic human rights violations in Ingushetia and the region. Cases of enforced disappearances in particular are regularly reported from Ingushetia and the neighbouring North Caucasus republics. There have been repeated cases of residents of Ingushetia being forcibly disappeared when travelling to the neighbouring republics. Amnesty International has repeatedly raised concern about alleged enforced disappearances by law enforcement officials in Ingushetia and the wider North Caucasus, as well as the Russian authorities’ systematic failure to conduct effective, prompt and impartial investigation into such incidents.

Name: Rustam Aushev

UA: 58/12 Index EUR 46/003/2012 Issue Date: 20 February 2012

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