Journalist marathon marks two years of Yanukovych term


A group of Ukrainian journalists have organized an Internet marathon entitled “Viktor Yanukovych. Two year condition term” [the term umovno is used for suspended sentences – translator], summing up Yanukovych’s two-year term as President. 

The moderators of the marathon were journalists from leading media outlets: Mustafa Nayem; Saken Aimurzayev; Tetyana Danylenko; Valery Kalnysh; Roman Skrypin; Yehor Sobolyev and Natalia Sokolenko.

Mustafa Nayem who first proposed the marathon is convinced that in any civilized country, given the undoubted authority of the guests invited, such a marathon would be shown by all leading television channels.

Mustafa Nayem: I don’t want to play

“It so happens that most of the audience, most of the voters don’t have the opportunity to hear authoritative voices. They listen to those who manipulate public opinion. There’s no journalism in this. It’s a game and I don’t want to play”, Mustafa Nayem stresses.

The event has been organized in the Contemporary Art Centre “Dakh” [“Roof” – the word also has other connotations, some from criminal jargon].  The building looks a bit like a prison.

Natalia Sokolenko from TV STB explains that this is “how our country looks at the moment. The public have effectively been pushed into a prison.”. She says that free journalists do not have access to open, powerful information platforms and they are therefore forced to use some means of circulating information.

The organizers of the marathon have succeeded in effectively creating an off-line channel. Natalia Sokolenko says that for this they have President Yanukovych to thank.

“Viktor Yanukovych has not done anything particular. He came and made use of our weakness, our disillusionment, the insufficient level of our principles. If anyone is working right now for revolution, for a real proper revolution which will change the rules - it’s Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych”,   Yehor Sobolyev says. He believes that as a result of Yanukovych’s actions, Ukrainian society is consolidating itself and will be able to show real opposition.

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