Students detained for pasting anti-Yanukovych posters


Much remains unclear about the police actions on 29 February in relation to two young students in Kherson except the anti-Presidential nature of the leaflet they were pasting onto a wall when detained by police.  Judging from the reports it would seem that the police ascertained who the students were opposing before taking any action.

According to Svitlana Pushna, the mother of Andriy Pushny, one of the young men, her son was on Saturday once again summoned to the police.  “We were told that this was to recreate the events of 29 February when my son and his friend tried to paste up leaflets with a picture of the President”.  She says that the Dneprovsky District Police Station has initiated a criminal investigation against her son on charges of “group hooliganism”  She says that they’re were only verbally notified, with no documents given, but that her son had had to sign an undertaking not to leave the city.

The publication Freedom Square, however says that they were told by a police spokeswoman that the students had been detained, but that no criminal investigation had been initiated. 

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