Judge Qualification commission accused of pressure on civic organizations


Kateryna Tarasova (photo: UNIAN)

Kateryna Tarasova, Head of the Ukrainian Court Association Foundation for the Promotion of the Justice System has addressed an open letter to the Head of the High Qualifying Commission of Judges, Ihor Samsin, regarding infringements of freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful association.

She explains that an article by her was published on 27 February entitled “High Qualification Council of Judges – dubious transfers of judges?” “where I objectively assessed the decisions of the High Qualification Council of Judges which you head regarding the unlawful transfer of four newly-appointed judges to other courts (to Kyiv).”

Ms Tarasova notes that during communication between members of the Supervisory Council and the Board, as well as with journalists, Ms Samsin had reacted very aggressively to this publication and had acted, she asserts in a way not in keeping with his post and status as judge of the Supreme Court. She states that he has put pressure on members of the Supervisory Council and the Board, as well as on the founder of the newspaper “Pravosuddya Ukrainy”, trying to get them to reject taking part in the organization.

She reminds him of the rights to freedom of opinion and expression enshrined in the Constitution and his options in accordance with current legislation to seek legal redress if he considers her comments to be defamatory.  She points out also that if he has questions about her, he may address them directly to her. 

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