Criminal investigation over harassment of Kharkiv TV channel directors


The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office informs that it has initiated a criminal investigation under “hooliganism” with respect to harassment of Yelena Barannyk , Director of the TV channel A/TVK, . And Iryna Rubashko, Director of TV Fora.

The report states that police checks have confirmed unlawful action during this year aimed at intimidating the directors of the two channels.

The criminal investigation is under the control of the Prosecutor but will be carried out by police investigators.

This follows an attempt to intimidate Iryna Rubashko who on 23 March found a shirt with bloodstains on her landing. As reported, two days earlier blood was spread around outside Yelena Barannyk’s flat with the remains of liver, entrails etc strewn over the landing.  This was the fifth case of apparent harassment and / or intimidation directed at Ms Barannyk.

Both women believe that they have been targeted because of their professional activities.

These are two of the three TV channels which were removed from air last September. Despite considerable protest and concern expressed that the three channels producing or reporting news critical to the local and central authorities had been muffled, only Fora is presently broadcasting.  The others are forced to use only the Internet.

The landing outside Yelena Barannyk’s flat 

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