Three Party of the Regions MPs most active ghost “voters”


The cards of three MPs from the ruling Party of the Regions were the most frequently electronically registered in parliament without the written registration of their owners. This is yet another shocking result from the survey carried out by the NGO “Transparent Democracy” and the news agency Ukrainski Novyny.

From 1 February 2011 through 13 January 2012 the cards of three Party of the Regions MPs: Rinat Akhmetov; Serhiy Momot and Vasyl Stelmashenko – received electronic registration for every session, while not once having written registration.

Akhmetov’s card “voted” 2, 982 times;

Stelmashenko’s – 2784 times;

Momot’s – 2703 times.

During an analogous survey carried out from 1 January 2010 to 14 January 2011, Rinat Akhmetov (or his card) was kept ghostly company by two other Party of the Regions MPs: Serhiy Kiy and Volodymyr Maltsev.

Those cards were registered electronically 125 without their owners registering in writing.

It is illegal in Ukraine to “vote” in parliament without being physically present…

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