Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira: Yanukovych has fallen short of expectations


The Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira has told the Korrespondent journal that President Yanukovych has failed to live up to expectations.  He said that the President had talked a lot about reforms and promised to bring order to the country by creating a strong government.  The expectations have not been fulfilled.

Mr Teixeira said that he had not seen any result from fighting corruption. “When these become evident, I will be the first to mention them. But for the moment the situation is much worse than it was during the so-called chaotic period after the Orange Revolution."

Asked about the impact on EU-Ukraine relations of the sentences passed on former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko of the prison sentences for former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko, MrTeixeira said that when the Orange team were in power, there had been more freedom, more democracy, more confidence.  "In those days, oligarchs supported various political players, so there was more room for pluralism. As for the legal system and reforms, little was done, yet the EU was ready to launch an assistance programme, "

Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira said that he had spoken with Petro Poroshenko, new Economic Development and Trade Minister about the assistance programme.  This is worth 500 million EUR, however, he said, it was difficult to discuss this programme as yet. While the EU is willing to provide 70 million for administrative reforms, Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law which conflicts with European standards in this area. 

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