Teachers forced on anti-Tymoshenko rally on pain of dismissal


   The first day of hearings took place on Thursday into the new charges against former Prime Minister and opposition leader, Yulia Tymoshenko, who was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment over the 2009 gas accords with Russia.  The new trial charges the opposition leader with alleged embezzlement involving the United Energy Systems of Ukraine [UESU]. 

Rallies were held outside the Kievsky District Court in Kharkiv by Tymoshenko supporters and “opponents”.

The Kharkiv Internet publication Glavnoye reports that teachers from Kharkiv schools present at the “anti-Tymoshenko” rallies said that they had been forced to attend by the heads of their schools on pain of dismissal.

In the morning, Glavnoye was told, pensioners working in schools were sent out to the rally.  They were told that if anyone asked them, they should say that they were there at the call of their pensioners’ heart.

When it became clear that there were a lot less “opponents” of the former Prime Minister, than supporters, school heads were instructed to get teachers out of classes.  Glavnoye reports that as a result, in many schools in the Leninsky and Oktyabrsky districts children had lessons cancelled because the teachers were not there.

Glavnoye says that according to its information there was a similar situation in other districts of the city. 

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