Removal of satirical material about Yanukovych family confirmed, censorship denied


Studio Kvartal-95 has confirmed that an issue of “Vechirny Kvartal” from 7 April in which President Yanukovych’s family was mocked did not come out in print, nor was the television version broadcast on Inter. It claims, however, that this was “dictated by conditions of the editing process”

Kvartal-95 was answering an official information request from "ТелеПростір". It confirmed that the scene was on the recording of the programme on 20 March in the Ukraina Palace and did not get into the show broadcast on Inter on 7 April.

With regard to the repeat from 31 March of a feature about family relations in the 7 April issue, Kvartal-95 claimed that this was “normal practice”.  It did not explain the point of replacing a feature not yet shown about the Yanukovych family with a repeat, Kvartal-95 gave no explanation.

Teleprostir also mentions the parody of Yanukovych’s New Year greeting which was not broadcast at New Year on Inter, but did get broadcast by the Russian channel REN-TV.  Studio Kvartal-95’s Press Service explained that as also being due to “editing process conditions”.

It totally denied any censorship on Inter and claimed that there were plans to publish and broadcast the material in question, though without saying when.

The new issue of the humorous show “Vechirny Kvartal” from 7 April did not have a joking feature about Yanukovych’s younger state, his (considerable – translator) wealth 

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