Central Election Commission rips Luhansk region into shreds


Central Election Commission

The Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] reports that the Central Election Commission’s Resolution No. 82 on single-mandate electoral districts breaks all records for absurdity and puts a question mark over the election process in the Luhansk region.

Electoral District No. 112, for example, includes Rubezhnoye; Bryank; Kirovsk and most of Pervomaisk.  These four cities are enclaves, with a distance of 100 kilometres between Bryansk and Rubezhnoye.  Ballot papers from 79 precinct commissions will be taken to the district electoral commission through the centres of two other districts.

Electoral District No. 110 consists of three enclaves including Alchevsk (the centre of the district). Antratsit is 70 kilometres from Alchevsk and separated from it by the territory of District 108 with a part of the Antratsit raion and part of the Lutyunysk raion. 

Electoral District No. 106 consists of three enclaves, including Severodonetsk (the centre of the district); a part of Stakhanov and a part of the Popasnyansk raion. Ballot papers will have to be taken to Severodonetsk through the territory and centre of Electoral District No. 107.

The Luhansk Regional Branch of CVU believes that this artificial way of dividing up the region into electoral districts is the result of behind-the-scene agreements between the groups of Oleksandr Yefremov [head of the Party of the Regions faction in parliament] and Dmytro Firtash, for their political ends.

Yefremov’s groups are especially concerned to prevent Serhiy Shakhov being elected and this has led, they believe, to the Stakhanov District which had existed since 2002, now having been divided up between three districts - 106, 107, 112.  In all of those three districts there will be candidates who represent the interests of Firtash and Lyovochin within the Party of the Regions.  The carving up of Alchevsk CVU believes is probably also about hampering Shakhov who campaigned very actively in that area last year.

The Luhansk Regional Branch of CVU expects that the Central Election Commission’s Resolution No. 82 will be appealed in the District Administrative Court in Kyiv by voters who consider the Resolution infringes their right to election. They have until 3 May to lodge such an appeal.


Press Service of the Luhansk Regional Branch of CVU

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