Carl Bildt: Ukraine is heading towards authoritarianism


Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has told Die Welt that Ukraine is moving in the wrong direction, and heading towards authoritarianism.

He said that Sweden has not yet decided whether it will join the boycott of Euro 2012 which European politicians are calling for over the case of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, but Sweden does not at all like the situation the Ukrainian justice system is in.

As reported here, at least 12 Presidents of European countries have said that they will not be taking part in the Central and East European States’ Presidential Meeting in Yalta. Some of them have stated directly that this is because of the treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko.

There are more and more calls for a boycott of Euro 2012 over the Tymoshenko case (See the links below for more details).

Carl Bildt told the German newspaper that Ukraine is oscillating between democracy and authoritarianism but is tilting to the latter.

“It is moving in the wrong direction. Over the last 20 years Ukraine has moved first in one direction, then another, however particularly over the last year it has gone in the wrong, authoritarian direction”.

He says that President Yanukovych says that resolving problems with oil and gas are his main priority. “However they’ve begun burning bridges with Brussels. It is he who is taking those decisions. He is acting less and less intelligently. He could fairly easily restore bridges with Brussels and make progress on the issue of Europe.”

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