Poland’s President Komarowski urges changes to Ukrainian law


President Bronisław Komorowski appealed on Wednesday to all political forces in Ukraine for changes in the Ukrainian laws that would make sentencing for political activity on the basis of criminal law impossible, and came out against the boycott of Ukraine and EURO 2012 in Ukraine.

Poland and Ukraine are co-hosting the Euro-2012 football tournament starting on June 8.

"A political battle should not spoil a Polish-Ukrainian sports event, " the Polish president said and stressed he was against the boycott of Ukraine and EURO 2012 in Ukraine. "Poland and Ukraine are co-organisers and co-hosts of the tournament, " President Komorowski said.See also:Polish president to appeal for changes in Ukrainian legislation

"I am deeply concerned as there is a growing threat that the signing of the EU-Ukraine association agreement could be delayed or even cancelled, " President Komorowski said.

The president stressed that Poland supported and would continue to support Ukraine’s EU strivings. "I highly hold Ukraine’s effort and achievements of the recent years, " the Polish president said. (PAP)

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