Dnipropetrovsk politician Zahid Krasnov arrested over accident 4 years ago


In Dnipropetrovsk well-known politician, leader of the civic organization Hromadska Syla [Civic Force] and businessman, Zahid Krasnov has been arrested. He was taken into custody on 11 May after a criminal investigation was initiated over a road accident which happened four years ago.  The investigation over the accident on 17 January 2008 was terminated in 2009, apparently without any objections from either party and with the consent of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The head of the Hromadska Syla Press Service, Oksana Karatayevska considers Krasnov’s arrest to be evidence of continuing persecution of leaders of opposition political parties.  She says that they can provide a document in which the second party to the accident and the person injured in it, Dmytro Terykhov states that he has no grievances.

The Dnipropetrovsk Regional Police Press Service denies any political motive. They report that the investigation has been reinstated at the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office over an accident in which the driver of the other car received serious injuries.

A court is due to decide on a restraint measure on Monday

Krasnov has on a number of occasions stated that he plans to stand for election in the parliamentary elections. Ukrainski Novyny writes that according to some reports, he might get the support of the rightwing VO Svoboda Party.

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