Well-known psychiatrist rescues protester from psychiatric hospital


Former political prisoner, psychiatrist and human rights defender, Semyon Gluzman has intervened and got Mykolayev pensioner Anatoly Ilchenko out of the Pavlov Psychiatric Hospital in Kyiv. 

According to the Internet publication Novosti-N, Mr Ilchenko was holding a single person protest outside the Interior Ministry, following which he was unlawfully admitted to the hospital.  Novosti N spoke with the Deputy Chief Doctor of the Pavlov Hospital, Mykhailo Ihnatov. The latter was unable to say how Mr Ilychenko’s being held in the hospital complied with the Law on Psychiatric Care, and said that the following day he would be examined by a commission after which he did not exclude the possibility that a court order would be sought to have the pensioner forcibly treated.

Novosti –N, on hearing this, decided measures were needed and contacted Semyon Gluzman. Mr Ilchenko’s reputation has clearly travelled, since Mr Gluzman knew of him, but also saw no grounds for thinking that he posed a risk to others or himself.

Half an hour later Semyon Gluzman phoned, having spoken with the Chief Doctor, V. Myshiyev.  Soon afterwards Anatoly Ilchenko was released. 

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