Ukraine remembers the victims of political repression


In a number of Ukrainian cities ceremonies were held on Sunday in remembrance of victims of political repression.

In Ivano-Frankivsk the authorities and members of the public, joined by delegations from other areas, gathered at the memorial complex Demyaniv Val to honour the people executed by the NKVD in the Stanislavsk (now Ivano-Frankivsk ) Prison at the beginning of 1941. A memorial service was held for all victims of the communist regime,  as well as a minute’s silence.  Representatives from 14 districts and cities of the oblast laid wreaths and carried burning candles.

Demyaniv is a clearing near Ivano-Frankivsk  where prisoners from the NKVD prison were taken and shot.  During excavation work the human remands of 525 people were found.   The identify of 22 has been established, the names of 400 of those executed are known.  The Memorial Complex was opened in 1998.

Ceremonies were also held in Lutsk and the Ternopil region, as well as in Luhasnk and Kherson. The latter were organized by the united opposition.

There is no mention of ceremonies at the Bykivnya Forest near Kyiv which is believed to hold the last earthly remains of over 100 thousand victims of the NKVD.  Until 1989 the Soviet regime lied about the graves, claiming them to have been the victims of the Nazis.

In recent years the victims of political repression have been remembered in ceremonies on the third Sunday in May.

From a report at UNIAN

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